For Parents

The Role of Parents in Flipped Class

Parents play a very important role in the process of studying. They are needed to make sure the children are being mature and responsible learners. Students may be new to this process of learning and need extra support from parents on staying current with the material and time management. Don’t forget always to keep in touch with the teacher if you don’t understand something. The teacher is always interested in improving the content of lessons, so that everyone would benefit from them. Please email me if any major concerns arise.

If the child does not understand something in an online lesson, there are different ways you can help:

  • Encourage your child to communicate with the teacher.
  • Have your child review the lesson and request additional materials.
  • Read or watch the lesson with your child and offer assistance.

What if students don’t have access to technology/internet at home?

As I require children to access my class content for homework via internet, the following system is set up to meet the needs of all learners:

  • Students can come to class before or after school to view content, if they do not have access to this technology or internet.
  • Students with a working laptop, smartphone or tablet, but no internet can bring it to that class to upload the content. This will allow them to access the content even without having internet at home.