About us

What is a Flipped Class?

Every day our life is getting more and more digitized. Internet has influenced not only the way we communicate, but the way we learn and teach as well. As a result there is a demand in new educational concepts. One of this new inventions is a Flipped Class.

Flipped Class is a teaching method in which the traditional model of classroom-based learning is inverted, so that students are introduced to the learning material before class, so that the classroom time is used to deepen understanding through problem-solving activities. The teacher plays a role of a mentor and guides the students during their discussions in the class. After the class, students reflect upon the feedback they have received and use this to further their learning.

A growing number of studies show that flipped classroom scenarios can improve student achievement in nearly any subject. According to the Flipped Learning Network, 71% of teachers who flipped their classes noticed improved grades, and 80% reported improved student attitudes as a result. What’s more, 99% of teachers who flipped their classes reported that they would flip their classes again the following year.

My Teaching Experience with Flipped Class

As a qualified English and German Teacher experienced in online learning, IELTS and CAE guidance, I am excited to introduce you the essential tools, which help you effectively learn foreign languages.

Indeed, I’m a broad-minded person with a Master’s Degree willing to help more children understand languages better and succeed in their exams. At our online-sessions on FlippedClass.de, the focus remains on the improvement of your results at school: active listening/speaking, next to reading and writing (essays, e-mails, etc.). I teach international English, which makes that you can communicate with people all around the world and understand Culture and Literature of English-speaking countries as well.

If you are getting ready to start studying at the university abroad, I am ready to help you improve your (academic) writing skills. I have been teaching adults and teenagers for more than 10 years at different schools, academies and private educational centers in Germany and Ukraine as well as on various online learning platforms.

I am very happy to be able to contribute with my expertise to provide in-depth advice on the way we teach and learn.